Welcome Rottweilers van het Wederzicht

Ferry got there first dog when she was just 3 years old. It was a cross breed but she loved it never the less. Other animals also had here attention, in every corner of the house and outside there were animals to be found. They said "that's from our Fer". She grow up with Bouviers the rest of her childhood. After school she always went to the neighbor, he bred dogs. She loved it there, give dog the bottle, playing with them, grooming , putting them in bad , etc.

When Ferry and René started there business, there had to come a guard dog. It was a Malinois. Ferry went to the training field with him a couple of time a week. This was fun and it thought her a lot. But it was not what she really wanted. She wanted a "real dog", a dog with a big head. That was Django a Rottweiler pup of 9 weeks, he was already 10 kilo when we took him home. He was a big fellow. Ferry trained a lot with him, and he thought her a lot about Rottweilers and there character. He was a "real" Rottweiler.


In the mean time she visit dog shows, this was something she wanted to try for herself. They decided to take on an other Rottweiler, a female. This with the goal to let her dreams come true ??? In our own "Brabantse Vessem" Clair-Donja van de Runderkraal was bought. One thing let to an other, Ferry went to many shows with Jos. (they still do) The results were always fun and good.

Then the time was right, there must come a litter. Wow !!! 10 pups great !!! Sad thing was that Clair-Donja did not became old. But she left us something very nice. A female named Adoring Kaya, a Champion. Ferry still is very proud of here, and loves her with all her heart.
Who could have dreamed this: Breeding you're first litter, and from that litter getting you're first champion. Great isn't it.

Thats how her hobby has started, and with that her greatest dream. she goes out of her way to produce nice, healthy, good socialized pups. These pups grow up in our home.

Thank you for being interested in our site, we wish you lots of viewing fun.